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The CVlizer is a flexibly usable CV Parser and an important part of JoinVision’s software family. With this Resume Parser, all relevant information from CVs, respectively complete application maps (also including letter of intent, certificates, school reports,…), can be extracted and is immediately provided as standardized data set in XML format. Our CV Parser is multilingual (it already “understands” more than 30 languages) and is provided as a SaaS solution. The data provided through Resume parsing can be directly imported into your own applicant data base or applicant management system. Depending on the package of services the CV parser offers many different modules such as HRclassifier, HRcapture and Merger, where the Merger allows to enrich the data from the Resume parser with the extracted information from the other application documents.


The JOBolizer is a flexibly usable job ad parser, which is a substantial part of JoinVision’s semantic search and matching family. With this parser all relevant information from job ads (even when they are integrated in complex HTML sites) can be extracted and immediately provided as standardized XML format. In other words: the JOBolizer enables automatic data transfer from job ads. The job ad parser is multilingual (it “understands” currently more than 30 languages) and is provided as web service (SaaS solution).


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